Hi. I’m Dawn.

I’m not quite sure what one writes as a first blog post, so I’ll just jump into telling you a little bit about me and what I’d like this blog to be for me and for you. (Future Dawn here: this post is pretty long, so grab a snack and a beverage) So…Hi! I’m Dawn and I call myself The Crafty Dietitian. But “crafty” in a good way…the baking/knitting/making wreaths out of clothespins way.

I’m a Registered Dietitian (for nearly 25 years) but don’t worry, there will be no kale on this blog (well maybe a little) and I live with my 2 dogs: Harley, who just turned 14 and Red who’s nearly 9. At least I think that’s what they are-they were rescues so it’s all a guess.


Harley in her favorite place-the backyard


Red in his favorite place-the kitchen (because that’s where the treats are)

So a little more about me. I currently work in a hospital in a beach community. Pretty much my whole career has been in acute care clinical dietetics as a practitioner or manager. It can be intense. Which brings me to The Crafty Dietitian. For as long as I can remember, I liked making things.  I was the twelve year old who came home from school and sat glued to the TV watching The French Chef and attempting various recipes (this is WAY before the Food Network). I was the family cook when I was in high school-while my parents worked, I cooked dinner. I also knit and crocheted from the time I was ten, making gifts for friends and family.  Both of these activities were really fun for me.

As with anything when we start adulting hard though, my hobbies fell by the wayside. Cooking became a necessary evil and who has time to knit? I’ve got laundry to do and bathrooms to clean! But you know what? I was HAPPY when I was doing those things. I made TIME to do them. And that’s where this blog comes in. It will give me a chance to practice writing (which I was never very good at) and share what I make and learn along the way (even when I make mistakes).

So what will you see here? Lots of baking (mostly from recipes I have in cookbooks right now-I’d love to learn how to develop my own recipes), lots of dog related stuff (I’m obsessed with my “kids”), some crafty things (I have a huge Pinterest to-do list!), products that I try out and think you might like (#notsponsored…yet), and stuff I’ve learned along the way about living more simply and frugally. I may even put on my “RD hat” and blog about interesting nutrition topics from my unconventional point of view.

I hope you’ll come visit again and hang out with me!


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